Cultish Thwarted by the Government!

Long story short: I have taken a job on Capitol Hill for the next nine months. Firstly, I won’t have the time to devote to extreme devotion, and secondly I’m not doing media or publishing anything while I’m working in the U.S. House of Representatives. So Cultish is on a brief pause while I work in the government.

I said that Cultish was my baby and a devotee corrected me. They said as a backer, it’s their baby too. I love that people feel ownership over Cultish and its success. I couldn’t have done this by myself. More importantly I didn’t do it by myself. I had all of your help. I had one of the most talented and brilliant women I’ve ever encountered, Amber Hall as our producer. I had our amazing composer and mixer Aaron Leeder. I had hundreds of you and your money and enthusiasm.

This is not good-bye. This is sorry-for-the-giant-tease.

Please stay in touch. Please keep telling me about your weird Cultish experiences. Please stay tuned for January 2017!

Truly yours,
Tina Dupuy

…Now Give Us Your Money!

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The only reason we’ve been able to make Cultish is because of you people! In October we made a video and pitched the idea of this series to the Internet and you guys responded with cash. Truly, it still amazes us!

So now we’ve done the impossible! We’ve traveled internationally to dig through archives–driven thousands of miles to interview former cult members–bought sound equipment–paid three people to help us and produced three high quality episodes. If you like what we’ve done and want to see us continue, please donate. We’ll give you a sticker and our gratitude! It’ll keep us from having all of our attention and energy on another Kickstarter campaign instead of focusing on producing the best show we can.

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Episode Two: Glossary of Terms


These are some of the terms Sam uses in Episode Two:

Texas Soul Clinic (TSC): A compound in Thurber, Texas used to train “pioneers” in the Children of God in the early 1970s.

“Everyone who came to TSC as a dropout or hippie or college student left with a new identity. Everyone took a new name from the Bible—this was part of Forsaking All. God was making ‘new creatures’ out of us; all the old things were done away with. A new convert broke all relations with the past, both family and friends. The break with one’s former life had to be complete, absolute, because that’s what Jesus wanted.” –Debra Davis

Holy Holes: A Mo Letter, a communication written by the leader called Moses David, that declared all holes are holy in 1973. The graphic (shown above) depicts a naked female toddler. Members were arrested for distributing this letter in Brazil because it was seen as pornographic. (One was my mother.)

David Berg: The birth name of the leader also known as Moses David, the folks and sometimes Father David or Dad.

That Hollow Feeling Inside is Because You Don’t Have a Cultish Sticker

IMG_0683That ache? That void? We know what you’re going through. The only way to fill it is by purchasing one of our nifty and admittedly over-priced bumper stickers. You get to support Cultish and let the world know you’re ONE OF US!

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*Dog is not for sale.

We Want to Hear From You!

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 11.27.22 AMNo one finds Cultish by mistake. This is clearly your destiny, totally auspicious and a part of a bigger plan! Praise almighty Oprah!

We’re compiling interviews and working on some stories for the first season. We want to hear about your experiences. Are you or any of your loved ones fanatics? Extremists? Gurus? Are you yourself a prophet? Dated one? Lived next door to one? Are you an apostate or an apostle? Did your parents name you Two Rivers? Have you ever had a moment where you found yourself muttering the phrase, “Yeah I guess I was in a cult…”?

Please send us an email!

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Meet our host Tina Dupuy:

Through no fault of her own, Tina was born in a infamous cult called The Children of God; eventually being raised by the state, James Baldwin novels and Alcoholics Anonymous. With a slant towards gallows humor she started her career as a touring stand up comic only to fail into journalism a few years later. She writes for The Atlantic, Mother Jones, Fast Company and many others. Her syndicated opinion column runs in over 110 newspapers a week.

She lives in Manhattan.

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